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Who is Kt Jacobs?

Kt Jacobs is a disgraced City Council member of Columbia Heights, MN. In 2022 an independent investigation found that she behaved unethically and has repeatedly violated the city’s professional and personal code of conduct. Download the report.

What did Kt Jacobs do wrong?

Kt Jacobs has a record of disrespectful, belligerent, and racist behavior. In July of 2022, she used an alias during a phone call to harass a city council candidate. During the 2 hour and 17 minute call, Jacobs berated the candidate about his age, experience, time commitments, and his bi-racial identity. Later, she denied making the call. Download the report.

Did Kt Jacobs lie?

Yes. An independent investigation found that Kt Jacobs was untruthful about making a harassing phone call in July of 2022. Download the report.

Who is Kathy Huff?

Kathy Huff is an alias used by Kt Jacobs. It is a variation of her previous married name, “Kay Huff”. Kt Jacobs lied when she claimed that Kathy Huff is her current husband’s 30 year old and mentally ill niece from Green Bay, WI. An independent investigator found that no such person exists. Download the report.

Why was Kt Jacobs asked to resign?

The 2022 City Council of Columbia Heights asked Kt Jacobs to resign because she has repeatedly lied about her involvement in a harassing, racist phone call. This is unethical behavior and violates the city’s professional and personal code of conduct. The 2023 City Council also asked her to resign. Although she will be voted out of office on November 5, 2024, she can still resign at any time.

Why won’t Kt Jacobs resign?

Kt Jacobs is refusing to resign because she believes voters still want her in office. However, she has broken the trust of the public and more than 2000 residents petitioned against her.

Can Kt Jacobs be fired?

No. The City Council has no power to remove Kt Jacobs from office. However, voters petitioned to recall Kt Jacobs, and she will be voted out on November 5, 2024.

What is the Kt Jacobs recall about?

City Council member Kt Jacobs faced by the voters of Columbia Heights because of her unethical, belligerent, and racist behavior. Because she has refused to resign, more than 2000 citizens petitioned the city council for a special election. Although the recall election has been canceled, she will be voted out of office on November 5, 2024.

Is Kt Jacobs being targeted politically?

No. Kt Jacobs was unanimously censured by two City Councils, made up of both Republicans and Democrats alike.

Is Kt Jacobs under a partisan attack from the DFL?

No. Kt Jacobs identified as a Democrat herself. Her behavior is embarrassing to all political parties. City Council seats are non-partisan.

Why didn’t the Kt Jacobs recall process start in 2022?

Recall planning started in 2022. However, the petition period in Columbia Heights is only 30 days. It is difficult to petition in winter months. With such a short petition period, the recall committee had to wait until the pandemic had cleared and the public was more accessible in the summer months of 2023 before starting the petition.

How many signatures were needed on the petition to recall Kt Jacobs?

At least 1880 signatures. According to the city charter, a successful petition needs signatures totaling at least 25% of the total number of electors who cast their votes at the last preceding regular municipal election or 700 signatures, whichever is greater. 6859 electors cast votes in the Columbia Heights Municipal Election onTuesday, November 8, 2022. The committee collected more than 2000 petition signatures.

Where can I sign the petition to recall Kt Jacobs?

The petition period closed on June 26, 2023. Signatures were collected daily at 47 events in Columbia Heights.

When did the petition to recall Kt Jacobs end?

June 26, 2023. The petition period in Columbia Heights was only 30 days. After deficiencies were reported by the city clerk, the committee had 10 days to make corrections to the petition, finally concluding with more than 2000 valid signatures on July 11, 2023.

If I signed the Kt Jacobs recall petition, will my name and address be posted publicly?

No. Your personal information will not be posted publicly by the city. However, a list of signers is ultimately public information that could be retrieved through a FOIA request. Kt Jacobs herself has filed such a request.

Did Kt Jacobs sue her own city to stop her recall?

Yes. Kt Jacobs filed a case against the City of Columbia Heights and the City Clerk on September 20, 2023.

Did Kt Jacobs win her law suit against the city?

Yes. There were two cases. On November 20, 2023, Anoka County Judge Karin McCarthy ruled that Kt Jacobs’ case was denied in its entirety, and the recall election would proceed. However, Jacobs appealed to the Supreme Court which ruled on February 9, 2024 that the recall petition fell just short of Minnesota’s state laws. This judgment effectively canceled the special election that was scheduled for February 13, 2024.

Does Kt Jacobs’ Supreme Court victory mean she will regain her committee appointments?

No. Kt Jacobs remains censured and continues to be punished for breaking the city’s Code of Conduct and lying to the City Council.

Do the taxpayers have to pay Kt Jacobs legal fees?

No. Jacobs did not include her legal fees as damages and is responsible for them herself.

When will the special election to recall Kt Jacobs be held?

The February 13, 2024 special election has been canceled. Kt Jacobs will be voted out of office on November 5, 2024.

Why can’t the special election to recall Kt Jacobs be held sooner?

The deadline for a special election in fall of 2023 has passed. According to the city charter, notice of a special election must be announced in an official city publication with ample time for new candidates to file and campaign. Additionally, Minnesota State laws say that elections can only be held on certain dates. The next available date is February 13, 2024.

How much will the special election to recall Kt Jacobs cost?

Unknown. Columbia Heights has never held a special election. Surrounding cities that have held special elections in the recent past can provide a rough idea, with one estimate at $30,000.

How will the special election to recall Kt Jacobs be paid for?

Special election costs are factored into the city’s budget every year.

Will the special election to recall Kt Jacobs affect property taxes?

No. The city’s budget has always included funds that are set aside for a special election. Property taxes will not be impacted.

Will Kt Jacobs have to personally pay for the special election costs?

No. The special election costs will be paid for by election funds that are already part of the city’s annual budget.

Who will replace Kt Jacobs on the City Council?

Three candidates filed to appear on the special election ballot on February 13, 2024.

The prevailing candidate would have filled the remainder of Kt Jacobs’ term through December 2024. However, the special election was canceled due to a Supreme Court judgment.

Can Kt Jacobs run in the election to replace her?

Yes. Kt Jacob’s term is ending in December 2024, and she can appear on the November 2024 ballot. However, she continues to lie, has sued her own city, has broken the public trust, has been censured, and has been stripped of her committee assignments. It is unlikely that she will prevail over another candidate.

Can Kt Jacobs be a write-in candidate in a recall election to replace her?

Yes. State law requires all non-primary election ballots to offer the opportunity to write in a name. However, a recalled official is extremely unlikely to succeed as a write-in candidate.

How do I vote Kt Jacobs out of office?

There are three ways to vote in the General Election:

  1. Voting at your polling place on November 5, 2024.
  2. Voting early at Columbia Heights City Hall.
  3. Voting early via a mail-in ballot.

Refer to the City of Columbia Heights website for more information about your voting options.

Kt Jacobs

City Council member Kay “Kt” Jacobs will be voted out of office in Columbia Heights, MN because of her racist behavior, lying to the City Council, and repeatedly violating the city’s personal and professional code of conduct.






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