Vote Out Kt Jacobs

Disgraced City Council member Kay “Kt” Jacobs will be voted out of office in Columbia Heights, MN on account of her racist behavior, lying to the council, and repeatedly violating the city’s personal and professional code of conduct. She has been called upon to resign by two City Councils and more than 2000 residents.

Columbia Heights General Election

Kt Jacobs will be voted out of office on November 5, 2024.

Council Member Kt Jacobs interfered with the 2022 election when she used a 2 hour phone call to harass a candidate and question his racial identity. After she was identified by caller ID, she privately claimed responsibility and tearfully apologized to the City Council. However, she then fabricated a preposterous story, saying that she didn’t make the phone call herself. This triggered an outside investigation which found that Kt Jacobs did make the harassing call. She has since been unanimously censured and stripped of her appointments by her fellow Council Members, both Republicans and Democrats. She can no longer legitimately represent the citizens of Columbia Heights. Her lies and racist behavior clearly show that she is unfit for office. She has been asked to resign multiple times by two City Councils and residents alike.

Special Election Canceled

Columbia Heights voters formed a committee to recall Kt Jacobs from office. They drafted a petition that met the city’s charter rules but fell just short of Minnesota’s state law. Unfortunately, the city attorney failed to notice this shortcoming and approved the petition anyway. More than 2000 voter signatures were collected to trigger a special election. When the petition was accepted by the City Council, Kt Jacobs sued her own city. After her case was thrown out, she appealed to the Supreme Court which judged that the petition did not meet the standards of state law. In short, Kt Jacobs can not be recalled in a special election for lying or breaking the city’s code of conduct. However, she will be voted out in the general election on November 5, 2024. She remains censured and punished for her actions.


Kt Jacobs in the News

5 News report showing Kt Jacobs listening to investigators report their findings about her racist phone call.
Investigators find Kt Jacobs’ statements to be not truthful.
Fox 9 reports City Council Member Kt Jacobs being censured over phone call.
Kt Jacobs is censured by the City Council and unanimously called for her resignation.
5 News reports on City Council Member Kt Jacobs being asked to step down a second time, and voters look to organize a recall.
City Council unanimously calls for the resignation of Kt Jacobs a second time.
Kt Jacobs listens as investigators report their findings of a racist phone call she made in 2022.
Kt Jacobs listens as investigators report their findings at a special City Council meeting on September 28, 2022.


Kt Jacobs lied to investigators.

An independent investigation in 2022 found that Kt Jacobs was repeatedly not truthful in her statements about a harassing and racist phone call to a City Council candidate.

When the investigators asked her for the suspect’s contact information, Kt Jacobs refused to cooperate.

When investigators conducted a search for the suspect described by Kt Jacobs they discovered that no such person exists.

Investigators discovered that the name of the suspect is actually an alias for Kt Jacobs herself, a variant of her former married name.

Investigators concluded that the cover story fabricated by Kt Jacobs is bogus. Evidence shows that Kt Jacobs herself made the phone call, and that her racist comments violated the city’s professional and personal code of conduct.

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Kt Jacobs racially discriminates.

Jacobs uses her position on the Columbia Heights City Council to criticize and actively work against people of color.

Votes against non-white commission candidates, calling them “unqualified”.

Frequently berates her Latina mayor, the City Council’s first elected person of color.

Makes racist comments to invalidate or intimidate people of color, including candidates for office.

A Black Muslim woman speaks out against Kt Jacobs at a Columbia Heights City Council meeting.
“You don’t represent me anymore.” Deeqa Shabbele told Kt Jacobs at a City Council meeting on May 22, 2023.

What you can do

Tell Kt Jacobs what you think.

Contact Kt Jacobs directly and let her know that you want her to resign from the Columbia Heights City Council.

Direct phone – (612) 810-0512


Postal address – 4104 Monroe St NE Columbia Heights, MN 55421

Display a lawn sign or a sticker demanding that Kt Jacobs resign.

Vote to replace her on November 5, 2024.

Get a Lawn Sign
Kt Jacobs Resign Now lawn sign from the Citizens of Columbia Heights.


Whether using an alias on the phone or in person, Kt Jacobs has repeatedly demonstrated her racial discrimination against people of color.


Investigators have found Kt Jacobs to be “not truthful” in her fabricated cover story about a racist phone call in 2022. She continues to maintain this lie.


Kt Jacobs has been stripped of her ability to serve on boards and commissions, the highest punitive action possible by the City Council.


Both the former and the current City Council unanimously called for Kt Jacobs to resign on separate occasions.

Kt Jacobs

City Council member Kay “Kt” Jacobs will be voted out of office in Columbia Heights, MN because of her racist behavior, lying to the City Council, and repeatedly violating the city’s personal and professional code of conduct.






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